They did a really good cleaning job. I had a few different holes in the limestone, and they filled them all. He also did a terrific job of making it shiny and bright, so I was very pleased. He gave me a lot of advice on how I should clean the limestone and the granite and stuff that I had in my kitchen as well as recommendations on some products to use. They were A+.
+++ 121615 +++

I think they’re terrific. They came when they said they were going to, the gentleman that they sent out knew what he was doing, and they were efficient. I would give them high marks. I would give them an A.
+++ 121622 +++

Stone Care Services restored the granite shower stone, and it looks great. They were very thorough and very clean, and they didn’t leave a mess. It’s the best caulking job I’ve ever seen in my shower, and it’s held up. I’d say it’s been several months, and everything still looks great. I’d give them an A+.
+++ 121629 +++

They did our showers and the countertops in our kitchen, family room, and bathrooms. The worker explained everything he was doing, and the quality of the work was awesome.
+++ 121606 +++

They resealed my kitchen countertops. They showed up on time, and they gave me some direction on preventative maintenance and future treatments. To be honest, I asked if he does any work on the side, and he said, ‘My company’s my priority,’ so I was very impressed with that integrity. They’re an A.
+++ 121610 +++

We had a good experience with Stone Care Services. The service representative who came out was thoughtful and careful and took plenty of time to explain things to us and make sure we understood how we could better take care of our stonework. I think we chose them through Best Pick Reports. The gentleman was very helpful, and he made sure that we understood little things we could do to keep our stonework in better shape and the like. I thought he was particularly helpful. I’d give them an A because they were excellent.
+++ 121612 +++

The man from Stone Care Services explained everything in detail before we started, and then he was very thorough when he finished in terms of maintenance and care. He cleaned a vanity top, and he was just excellent. He was very quick, he cleaned up, and he was in and out. It was a good experience. Three years prior, I had them here for something else, and I’d kept the company’s information, so I had them out again. They deserve an A.
+++ 121613 +++

They changed and cleaned our countertops in the kitchen. My wife is happy with it. They get an A rating from her.
+++ 121619 +++

I just thought that the service was excellent. The guy that did my stonework was excellent, and I buy the products they recommended for cleaning all the time. I’m kind of addicted to them, actually, so I trust them. I’d rate them as an A—definitely.
+++ 121624 +++

I thought the guy was really knowledgeable. He didn’t try to up sell me; he actually recommended something that was cheaper than I originally wanted. I appreciated his honesty and his explanation of the various options, which enabled me to go with something that was less expensive. We had a shower where grout needed to be cleaned. At first, I thought it needed to be replaced but it didn’t need to be replaced. There was one level of cleaning that was higher than what he actually did, so he did the lower level, and the grout still looked a lot better. I would give them an A, because they were good. They’re really good.
+++ 121631 +++

Stone Care Services sends the same guy every time, so he knows our house, and he knows the stone. He’s efficient, and he seems to be an honest guy. He kind of tells you what needs to be done and what doesn’t need to be done, he always does good work, and he always leaves everything clean. It’s just one of those vendors you are happy to go back to each time. Part of what they do is cleaning stone, but they also seal it every year and revitalize it. I can’t explain each of the specific processes he does; he recaulks things and stuff like that. We have a lot of natural stone in the house, and he just kind of does a lap through the house and tells us what work needs to be done or not. It always looks a heck of a lot better than when he started. I’d definitely grade them as A+.
+++ 121609 +++

They were timely, they were thorough, and they explained what they were doing. It’s made a visible difference, and they were nice. They were the ones that did the kitchen counters, and then they’ve come out and maintained them. They did the actual creation and selection of the original stone, which is honed granite that requires a little more maintenance, so we have them come out and clean it and buff it. They’ve always been very good. We have them come back every year and a half to two years to kind of freshen it up. I’d give them an A.
+++ 121605 +++

Before I moved, I used Stone Care Services to come out and clean the grout and everything before I sold the house. They did a good job. They were very knowledgeable, they did the work very quickly, and they were professional. They cleaned all the grout and replaced some missing grout in two bathrooms. I would give them an A.
+++ 121607 +++

They sealed kitchen counters and bathroom floors and things, and they advised on future upkeep, so they did a very good job. I liked the recommended cleaning products they provided. They did leave one bottle of it so that we knew what to use; there’s all kinds of different products out there, so it was helpful that they provided that. I’d have to give them an A because I didn’t have any complaints about what they did.
+++ 121611 +++

Stone Care Services cleaned and sealed countertops for me in various parts of my house. They were very reliable, and they were very customer service oriented. They were calling to make sure I was pleased, and they were just good to work with. I would give them an A.
+++ 121614 +++

Number one—they did a quality job. They came when they said they would, and they did a great job. They did some repolishing work on some stone in the kitchen and bathroom. I’d say they should get an A.
+++ 121620 +++

They’re great. I would give them an A for sure.
+++ 121621 +++

They did quality work. They honed the stone on some of our vanity tops in the bathroom, and I’d give them an A.
+++ 121625 +++

I think I found Stone Care Services in the Best Pick Reports booklet I got in the mail. They scheduled an appointment within a good window of time, and then, when the guy showed up, he was very professional. It was only one person, and he took care of everything. He was pleasant, and the job was done well. He cleaned several surfaces in my house that are made of natural stone—a couple of floors and a shower. He cleaned them and resealed them. I would give them an A.
+++ 121627 +++

They really just did a small job, but they were fine. I would give them an A.
+++ 121628 +++

They performed the services we contracted them for. They resealed the granite especially in the food and working areas. We’ve had showers cleaned, grout cleaned, and other ceramic tile areas cleaned when they needed to be done. That’s what we wanted, and that’s what they did for us. We chose them because they are a local company in our neighborhood. I would give them an A-.
+++ 121617 +++

We’re very satisfied. My wife said that they were easy to work with, they showed up and did a very nice job, and they did what they said they would and did it well. They charged a fair price, in our view. We’d given them an A.
+++ 121626 +++