Our Services

Stone Care Services, Inc. specializes in gentle hand-care of your stone. However, where very large areas or special surfaces are concerned, our technicians will use buffers or other machinery as required.


Stone Cleaning
We will clean stone walls, floors, counter tops, vanities, shower stalls, entry ways, fireplaces and more. We use only the finest and safest, pH balanced products available.

Stone Sealing
We use impregnating sealers that work beneath the stone’s surface, blocking it’s pores and making the stone much less absorbent. Most impregnators will not affect the appearance of the stone , and they usually last longer than topical sealers. This procedure is essential to maintain the look and performance of stone. Sealing should be done every 12 to 18 months to allow for easy cleanup and avoid serious staining.

Stone Polishing
Where appropriate, we will polish the surface after sealing. This procedure will keep your surface looking shiny and new.

We can remove etches, scratches, and smooth out stone to its original luster. We employ an all-natural process – so there is no powder flying, no harsh chemical scent, no fumes. Stone restoration and repair is both more labor intensive and involves the use of special equipment.

Stain Removal
Stone stain removal requires a greater variety of product, depending upon the nature of the stain. No guarantee of success can be offered here.

Chip Fill
We use epoxy and try to match the color of the stone as close as possible.

Seam Repair
Over time the house settles and this sometimes causes the seam to crack or “pop” out on your countertop. We will repair the open seam using epoxy. We use our years of experience to create a blend of epoxy that will match the color of your stone to the best of our ability.

Are those black moldy spots on your old caulk impossible to clean? We can re-caulk showers, tub surrounds, countertops, and more. To avoid reoccurrence we recommend replacing the caulk every 3 to 5 years.