Client Testimonials

  "They did a really good cleaning job. I had a few different holes in the limestone, and they filled them all. He also did a terrific job of making it shiny and bright, so I was very pleased. He gave me a lot of advice on how I should clean the limestone and the granite and stuff that I had in my kitchen as well as recommendations on some products to use. !"  

 "Stone Care Services restored the granite shower stone, and it looks great. They were very thorough and very clean, and they didn’t leave a mess. It’s the best caulking job I’ve ever seen in my shower, and it’s held up. I’d say it’s been several months, and everything still looks great." 

  "I think I found Stone Care Services in the Best Pick Reports booklet I got in the mail. They scheduled an appointment within a good window of time, and then, when the guy showed up, he was very professional. It was only one person, and he took care of everything. He was pleasant, and the job was done well. He cleaned and resealed several surfaces in my house that are made of natural stone—a couple of floors and a shower."